Schools in Ottawa

General Information About the School System in Ottawa

Ottawa offers a high quality of English and French education in the public, religious and private school systems.

In Ontario, the mandatory school age is six to 18 . Elementary schools have junior kindergarten and kindergarten classes for four and five year olds and classes for grades 1 to 8 for students aged six to 13.

Children attend high schools from Grade 9 to complete their secondary education. High schools in Ottawa provide education for children up to the age of 18.

Immunisation must be proved regardless of which school boards the child attends. .

Public schools in Ottawa

The Ontario government pays for public elementary and secondary school education. While most public schools in Ottawa use English as the language of instruction, there are a fair number that cater to the French-speaking population. Some schools offer ESL programs for new-Canadian students.

French Immersion is an increasingly popular program and is now being offered from kindergarden. Students take about 50 per cent of their courses in French.

The general standard of education in Ottawa’s public schools is good. You can easily review the schools’ report cards online. There are various reviews and ranking sources such as the Fraser Institute.

Private schools in Ottawa

While the vast majority of children in Ottawa attend publicly funded schools, the city has a significant number of private schools.  Class sizes tend to be smaller and students can receive more personal attention.

Faith-based schools in Ottawa

There are Jewish and Islamic faith based schools in Ottawa. The most popular faith based schools are Catholic schools. The Catholic School Board is one of the largest school boards in the City.

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